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Business partneringGeneralTalent Management Template

Sabbatical Policy

A sabbatical policy ensures that sabbatical leave is applied fairly and consistently and provides mutual benefit to the organization and…
Digital HRGeneralHR StrategyTalent Management Template Spreadsheet

Workforce Planning Template

This resource provides tools for determining your talent demands and planning how to meet those needs. It offers a comprehensive…
Compensation & benefitsGeneralTalent acquisitionTalent Management Other

Employment Contract Checklist

This is a comprehensive resource designed to assist HR professionals in creating effective and compliant employment contracts. It includes a…

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GeneralTalent Management Template

Termination Letter

Terminating an employee’s employment is a challenging and sensitive process that HR professionals must handle with care and professionalism. This…
Talent Management Playbook

Promotion Playbook

Effective promotion management is a cornerstone of talent development and workforce retention. This playbook will help you build a robust…
Talent Management Playbook Template

Nine-Box Grid Guide

The nine-box grid is a powerful tool that offers you a structured approach to evaluating performance and potential. In this…
Business partneringGeneralHR Strategy Template Playbook

HR Board Report Template

Effectively communicate HR priorities, impact, and risks to key stakeholders with this ready-to-use HR board report template!
Compensation & benefits Other

Compensation Metrics Cheat Sheet

Leverage these metrics to overcome your most pressing Comp&Ben challenges. This guide explains how to use 12 key compensation metrics…
GeneralHR Strategy Other

HR Trends Report 2024

Labor shortages, employees reexamining their relationship with work, and stagnant productivity: the world of work is at a crossroads. And…
Digital HRGeneralTalent Management Template

Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is an important document that communicates company policies, procedures, expectations, as well as the company culture to employees. Whether you’re…
Business partneringHR Strategy Playbook

T-Shaped HR Competency Framework

This T-Shaped HR Framework supports HR professionals in navigating the dynamic and challenges posed by the more digitally oriented future.…
DEIBGeneralHR Strategy Other Playbook

Code of Conduct Checklist

A code of conduct is an essential document, which makes it easier for employees to behave in accordance with the…
GeneralHR StrategyLearning & developmentTalent Management Toolkit Spreadsheet

Performance Management Dashboard

This resource provides HR professionals with a high-level overview of key performance metrics to drive critical decisions and discussions with…
Talent Management Playbook

Performance Improvement Plan

The performance improvement plan (PIP) is a structured approach to address areas of concern identified during the performance management process.…
Business partneringGeneralTalent Management Playbook

Employee Experience Survey

Employee experience surveys are a useful tool to understand the lived experiences of your candidates or employees. This playbook will…